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7 Steps of Laws to Change Yourself

Law of Love - selfless act without return

Law of unity - to bring together forces of strength 

Law of Greatness - to achieve your ultimate goals and desire

Law of attraction  - to produce a specific demonstration 

Law of compensation  - to acquire the return in efficience 

Law of Obedience - to comply with what you are told.

Law of Prosperity/Abundances - to hold in mind a desire to fulfill.


‚ÄčOmni-Present Spirit - Is the Law inherent within your own being. 

- It is the right use of your own attitudes and actions and it is also the wrong use of your own attitudes or actions, so you are bound to the Law of your own being.  God is the all providing Law, he is the Spiritual Substance out of which everything is made and will supply all his children bountifully out of his own abundance.

God is mind, and man the offspring of God is Mind.  To know the law of God man must adjust his mind to God mind.  The first step in applying this law is to recognize it as truth.  Unless God is known as the source of all Supply (men will look to the material world for support) which violate the law and breaks the connection with the one good.

Divine Law means the orderly working out of the principles of being it cannot be broken it holds man responsible for the result of his labors.

Law that Moses laid down for  Israel was of Denial and affirmation Jesus Law was of affirmation and love (taking control of the forces withinto keep on the affirmative side).

Scripture - Reading

Deut 6-1-25 - commands and decrees Laws

Deut 17 - Vs. 12, 13, Respect to Church Court.

Neh - 9 - Vs 1-3 & Vs 13-15 - God good just Laws

Ezebiel 44 - 23, 24 - Priests as Judges

Romans 7 -1, Vs 2 & 3

1Corth 7-39

Matt - 5-32