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Daily Exercise

This daily exercise should assist you to gain more control of your thoughts, and plant the right seed for your experience. Practice this exercise, grow and demonstrate your divine self.

  • Be committed to yourself/Become self-aware.
  • Think only about what you want to demonstrate in your life (Focus).
  • Do daily mind searching or self introspection see which thoughts you don't like about yourself.
  • Form positive habits (e.g. cultivate good thoughts)
  • Direct your desires from within(mind) to your outer conditions and accept the change.

Thought of the day.

"When you think; a seed as a thought is planted."

"When you speak; a seed as a thought is generated."

"When you act; a seed as a thought is demonstrated."

- Founder Dr. Julia Melchoir

About Life changing Seeds of Thoughts

This program is designed for all ages 6-100 years, mainly to enhance your thinking and give more value to it, this learning technique is designed to last a lifetime for each individual who applies it in whatever area it is needed.  Seeds of thoughts when planted positively in the mind generate after its own kind and enrich the self for a higher demonstration.

Thoughts when held in the mind becomes Tangible things or forms, therefore the principles and practices taught will give a profound manifestation to look forward to, thus a power is released and each person who learn will accept the law of living.

Mankind's choice is to choose which seed he needs to plant negative or positive, God has given man free choice to choose whatever he wants.

By our pattern in thinking and planting a new seed, in the soil of our consciousness which will inevitable return its own kind as fruit to the sower.

The same happens for mankind when our seed thought demonstrate in our lives as imperfection in the choice we make, we can instantly get rid of it and replant the right seeds of thought.  The only requirement is that you must want to change a condition which was brought by a wrong seed of thought.‚Äč