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Featuring Millionaire's of the Future

Women seeking  Spiritual, Physical & Emotional Healing

  1. Women in Public Speaking - Inspirational and motivational

  2. Women in Charitable services - volunteers services and helping the needy, promoting Christian care

  3. Women in the Cloth of the ministry - preaching, teaching, Pastoring, etc...

  4. Women Single and Lonely - lost a spouse, divorce, never been married, married and not happy, love gone wrong

  5. Women Abuse - low self-esteem, feeling sorry for yourself,  broken and ill-treatment 

  6. Women of Great Beauty - beauty pageant, good looking 

  7. Women attracting their Soul mate - language of a woman's heart and to love again

  8. Women of honor - strengthening to love ones, integrity

  9. Women under the Yoke - burden/the story untold

  10. Women who are Mother's - selfless love, capacity to forgive

  11. Women inheritance - prosperous financially 

  12. Women without inheritance - poverty, not rights to wealth

  13. Women who are Father's - man's helper, looked on as a slave(no rights)

  14. Women without Dignity - value degraded, bad choose of men(loose)

  15. Women of Professional Career - businesses

  16. Women of Senior Ages - think you are too old to live life

  17. Women who are Pregnant - teenagers

"Life has responded, to each woman according to their innate desire." 

LIFE CHANGING SEEDS OF THOUGHTS Millionaire's Women Empowerment Chapter extends an invitation to Women's Clubs, Groups & Lion's Organizations 

The Women's program consists of 

  • Health and wellness program
  • Life coaching and mentoring
  • Spiritual ethics and meditation