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Prayer - Communion between God and Man.  It is the way to Cleanse and perfect the consciousness and thus permanently heal the body.  It is the most highly accelerated mind action known. 

Man's consciousness must synchronize with the Christ mind.  This is the language of Spirituality.  DO NOT Supplicate or Beg God.  Be still and think about GOD INEXHAUSTIBLE RESOURCES OF INFINITE MIND.  Read Matthew 6-33-34. 

Pray believing that you have received.

Types of Prayer

Prayer - Intercessory

Prayer of Health - quickly answered, the natural forces of the body divine Laws.

Prayer Invocation- to invite the holy spirit.

Meditative Prayer

Man created in the image and likeness of God, you are predestined to being the perfect pattern into expression. 

Jesus first prayed for himself and then for his apostles then for all who would accepts salvation through him.

I take the Christ way to fulfillment, I lay aside every fear, doubt and worry as we (I) enter into the silent peaceful, contemplation that the Spirit of the living God is within (me) us.  All the power there is, all the presence there is, and all the life there is, is right here and is governing the activity of my life into the fulfillment of Joy.

Creation By the Living Word

Supplying the Righteous Word.

It is done unto you according to Your Spoken Word. Through your word, you will find that you can move upon the all loving and all enfolding substance of God and bring into Visibility every ideal he holds in thought.  It was in this way that Jesus mounted to the heights and proved the supremacy of the Christ within himself over the limited concepts of Mortal Thought.  (Hear “O Israel the Lord Our God is one God)
Let us read – Matthew 12 Verses 13, 32-37(Foundation Reading).  Jesus on the Sabbath day, plucking the Corn and healing the sick Man’s condemnation by his own words.  Elevation in your Consciousness and Thinking Pattern.  The word became Spirit; the word is quickened by The Spirit of God therefore by the word Jesus healed.  The word becomes flesh. 
("Thou Shalt Love the Lord thy god with all thine heart and with all thy Soul and with all thine might." "And these words which I command thee this day shall be in thine heart.") In Matthew 4-4 when Jesus was tempted of the Devil and the devil said to him if thou be the son of God command that these Stones be made bread, he answered him and said man cannot live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God and in Dent 8-3.  It says he humbled thee and suffered thee to hunger and fed thee with manna which thou newest not neither did thy fathers know.

"God allow us to create anew anytime we choose whatever we choose."