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"Dis-ease in the Mind is Disease in the Body


Pure thoughts lead to pure actions, pure actions from us change our world.

Have a new awareness of your thoughts, through Positive Thinking and achieve stable goals in your life

Learn how to "Think What To Think."   You Are What You Think,  So Think Positive.


In order to give man a body having life in itself, God endowed man with a focal life Center, located in the generative organs. This is the center of activity and also the seat of Sensation.   Sensation and Generation is necessary to man's character, this is what makes man a complete representative or image and likeness of God.


Since Soul is consciousness its daily life demonstrates its purity or impurity, Purity equals righteousness and impurity equals Sin.

If Soul is consciousness then its action is consciousness.  Therefore, righteousness is a State of our Consciousness as well as Sin is a State of Conscious Awareness.

Cleansing Treatment

 I Control My Mental Household

I conquer my mental household and cast out all fear and doubt.  My word becomes the activity of Spirit which binds my senses and guards my thoughts from all error thinking. 

This must be done three time a day to correct any misguided thoughts.

Refer to life changing coaching for the healing method.

Life Changing Counseling For the Healing of Your Mind!

Some of you may have the experience of knowing GOD.  Some may not.  Those who know of this presence GOD is still wondering why their lives are not fulfilled in many directions, and why they are encountering so many difficulties in certain areas of their daily existence.

All the answers are hidden within your own being.   There are thought patterns and attitudes that have a direct effect on every thing you do through life.  This reflection is like your shadow which walks with you continuously, producing after its own likeness.

You can eradicate any non-beneficial behavior and have more Clarity in mind by learning the art of LIFE CHANGING COUNSELING, which will result in directing your dreams and desires to achieve a positive and rewarding life.

Why Life Changing Counseling is Important?

  • It gives you the opportunity to forgive and love yourself without guilt.
  • To change and release any outward destructive behavior.
  • To find Peace of Mind and acquire the Art of Learning to accept the Truth.
  • To forgive others, and know that by doing this they have given you the opportunity to be Blessed.
  • To achieve a better understanding of yourself and unite with others in Harmony.

Positive Thinking


Positive Mind, Body & Soul