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Life Changing Seeds of Thoughts

Self Motivated, Awareness & Empowerment Program For 

Inspirational Teaching & Guidance

By Dr. Julia Melchoir


Life Changing Seeds of Thoughts is a manifestation for one purpose only that is to enlighten every individual mind through the principles, and practices by learning to "think What to think" we seldom realize that every thought is a seed planted in the sub-conscious of our mind, and generates according to what we think, be it a negative or positive thought.  Change can only begin from within our minds with a conscious decision. To change your thought which will change your LIFE.  This will only demonstrate, when we understand that each thought has life and we are the creative power of expression.  Therefore, when words are spoken they manifest after their own kind.


To always give the best without discrimination and allow the truth to stand on its own merit. The truth needs No Defense.


To succeed by educating every individual through our seminars, and independent thinking skills, which will allow them the free choice of learning the Art To think What To Think.