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Individuals Seeking HELP in their

Day-to-Day Life

If you are individuals who need our services in MENTORING & LIFE CHANGING COACHING you are in the right place. Our coaches/mentors are qualified professionals, that is 100% committed to will guide you through each challenge and work for your greater success. We are dedicated to teaching you the art of Independent Thinking Skill that will allow you to overcome any obstacle in your life. This method will allow you to have peace of mind and ensure your happiness and give you the benefit from this technique.
You will have a good nurturing and supportive coach to listen and speak with in these areas of your life as needed: Financial lack, Poor relationship, lost of loved one, Divorced, Problems with children, low self esteem, abusive husbands or wives, overcoming drugs addiction, Poor health, seeking companionship. Our services are private and confidential each individual is committed to 30 minutes of coaching by phone call ONLY. And can pay extra for additional time during the week as needed. Schedule for you can be flexible. Last call will be 11 p.m. any calls after this time will be DOUBLE.  Payment plan is simple - pay in advance only for any amount of time. You can make a booking for specific day or night in advance for life coach.
Pay rate must be done before call is made via Paypal. Rate are half an hour $35.00. Email for in-person individual/group life coaching and mentoring.