Spiritual Treatment for Money

This money is a reflection of my consciousness.  It is the returning to the source GOD that provides for me, it shows my integrity and allows me TO BE BLESSED, it is inexhaustible and replenishes itself continuously.  I accept I have enough to give and to share, and it comes back to me multiply and running over.

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Law of Attraction/Prosperity

The Law of Correspondents

Correspondents means to be in agreement, to match and to communicate

Correspondent - Similar fitting confirming.

Scriptures on the Law

  • Thy Law is my delight.                                 Pslm 119-174
  • What the Law could not do                          Rm 8-3
  • All the Law is fulfilled                                  Gal 5-14
  • Fulfill the Law of Christ                               Gal 6-2
  • Law of Liberty                                                James 1-25

Omni Presence is Everywhere Present 

In this measure it is necessary to give fully of our divine attributes if we are the receive from this spiritual reservoir or the fountain of all Life that is GOD.  For this is the Omni-Present Spirit that allows its substance to flow abundantly and has no beginning of ending it is INFINITE.

Supply & Prosperity

Money is not Supply or Abundance


Let us look at the apple tree that is laden with fruit, we know that the apples do not represent Supply because when they are Sold, eaten or given away.

Question: What happens then?  Where is the Supply of apples or abundance?  Its gone.  But the supply remains which is the tree and a new crop starts to grow at once.  But what remains the Supply.  Where does it remain within the Apple tree because within that tree there is a Law in operation.  You can call it a Law of GOD, or a Law of Nature.  The name is not important but the recognition of the presence of a Law operating in three or as the tree is important.  The Law operates to draw in three the roots the minerals, substances elements of air, water and sunshine which it then transforms into Sap that is drawn up three the trunk of the tree and distributed to the entire process of bringing forth fruit ect..  Thus, this is the Law by which the trees operate.

Turn back to the Scripture and Read.

Thus we understand that the Law is the Supply and the apples are the fruits, which is the results or the effect of the Law.  For prosperity constantly give to increase abundantly.  See GOD  or Spirit as everything lasting, never-ending, infinite.  The name GOD is noted as in the time when man needs to demonstrate Supply and Substance as "Jehovah Jireh" by calling or invoking this name allow you to be closer for this manifestation.

The Prospering Power of Praise



The consciousness of GOD as the Abundant everywhere present resource, unfailing ready for all who open themselves to it though faith they that seek Jehovah Shall not want any good thing Pslm. 34.10.

Prosperity is based on the conscious possession of the idea of God's abundance back of all things.  Things come and go but the idea of abundance endures.  Things appear at its command Jesus has no visible possession but he could supply thousands of persons with food through praising and giving thanks to the invisible Spirit of plenty.

In demonstrating Prosperity you should praise and give thanks for every little evidence of financial improvement be confident of the immediate co-operation of God's Spirit with you in bringing to pass that for which you have given thanks.


  • The more you have the more you want
  • The more you have the more you spend
  • The more you have the more you worry
  • The more you have the more you loose
  • The more you have the more the leave

Don't Blame GOD