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Metaphysics - Creation Story

The Creation Story

God is all there is.  Since all is God, then I am God.  I create all out of me just as I am.  The world in which I live is my own creation.  I live in the total awareness that I am God.  I consciously express all the creation out of myself and identical to who I am.  My creation and I are one Total love, joy, peace, happiness, abundance, perfect health and wholeness.  Because I am indestructible and I am the creator and created then all my creation are in wholeness, as I am.

God's Plan

My desire as God is to express various aspects of my nature.  I create myself as man.  Man is the only one of my creation that knows me as I am.  Man is therefore identical to me just as I am.  Man has dominion over all that he creates.  I create a playground upon which I can interact the beingness which I am.  My plan is whole, pure and perfect just as I am.  I give of my eternal self to all.  I am joy, peace, happiness, perfect health and happiness.  I am God.

The Word

I create my world through my spoken word; my word comes from my thought, the creative cause of all that is made manifest.  In the beginning was the word.  This word is me just as I am.  I am the word, I am God.  The word is just as I am.  Before I bring the formless into form I say, "Let there be," and there is.  I speak my word for all I desire to express.  I am God, God I am.  I am the word.

Metaphysical Thoughts

  1. The common meeting ground of God and man is the creative principles - Law the Mind.

  2. The different states of mind are the conscious and the unconscious affirmative, fixed and mortal carnal.

  3. The subjective mind acts as it connects with the creative, conscious awareness.

  4. Three phases of the conscious mind are: Conscious, subconscious, super-conscious

  5.  Spiritual mind treatment is for identifying with that which we call upon for our desired good.