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Spiritual Enhancement
  • The law of god is one of Liberty and not one of Bondage.
  • The Spirit truth and Freedom are co-existent and self propelling with one another.
  • Whenever we are  conscious of God or pure Spirit we are made free, this is proven in mental and spiritual healing.
  • Be conscious of perfect life and the body is healed.
  • Become unconscious of the imperfect and conscious of perfect alone.
  • Ideas of perfection is limited to our understanding.  We do not manifest perfection.
  • When trying to demonstrate abundance - Think of yourself as Sons of God having liberty and access to demonstrate all.
  • Do not dwell on lack for it will create the undesired condition
  • Mediate on plenty - to bring the mind to a point of conceiving an eternal flow of life truth and energy through you  and through everything we do, say and think.

Joy means to rejoice and a feeling of happiness that come from success, good fortune, a sense of well being, bliss, delight, enjoyment or pleasure to experience.

"The joy of Lord is my strength," (Nehemiah 8:10) I fill my being with these words and know that I am entitled to a life of joy. 

The SEED of Joy is planted in my thoughts.

  • Spiritual joy - joy replaces sorrow
  • Soul source true joy - to create from within our selves
  • Universal rejoicing - with all creation
  • Term/jump for joy - happiness in our hearts
  • Rewarded with happiness - joy of demonstration

Where do you find true joy not in the outer appearances of your life, it comes from within our being like a stream and becomes a peaceful acceptance of who and what we are, a divine inlet and outlet for the great.  I AM principle to flow through our being with its divine attributes, peace, joy, etc.. each conscious act of our live should reflect the joy of our being.  What we say and do will soon become amanifestation of bliss and delight and a radiant glow of our --- consciousness will out-picture our world.

Joy will appear when our carnal or material senses are controlled Spiritualized.  Practice these Steps for Joy:

  • The creating factor for joy is releasing ourselves to our higher or highest God Self or true Self
  • Power of release to know who and what we are and simply to allow the powerful energy to take control of our lives.
  • To end or stop the struggle of Outer Appearance
  • Let Joy flow life through us as a River.

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