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Eternal Light of Being Center of Truth believe that God is a loving Infinite Intelligence, operating through and in all of life, never separate from anyone or anything.  Through classes and studying we come to understand our oneness with this indwelling Divine Presence.  The way of life we teach and practice is learning how to live in accordance with spiritual principles.  These principles, or metaphysical laws, are as reliable as the laws of physical science.

I AM that I AM 

Living only became a difficult problem until man disobeyed and refused to listen to the inner voice, when man learns to listen to the inner voice he will lease to labor for the means of a living and will work for the Joy of creating every new experience in life.

Each and every day hold in your thought as the energy flow within your being (your desire to accomplish).  Knew without a doubt you are a creative being spirit, you have the power within taking place right there and then, you are creating via your Thinking.  So Think What to Think, example Negative or Positive - elaborate you are creating A NEW.  Thur each living cell in your Mind and it becomes the joy of changing or creating a thought to your specific needs.  You will enter into the Joy of creating under the law of your own being.

Gratitude for the Blessing - As you quietly bless and give thanks forth in memory of the promise God made to you from the beginning and for that which you have received, the supply is increased in measure to meet every need.

Declaration: I Reside In You

Today I acknowledge the God in me that resides in my being.  I am co-eternal with the presence that lives in me.  I am joint heir to its Kingdom.  I am one with God.  I allow this God to rise up in me.  I am not trodden down or beaten by any outer appearances or circumstances.  I am unlimited and free to express my divinity, and I rise in consciousness expressing within and without my true nature as joint heir to the Kingdom of God.  I am fill to accept all unlimited demonstrations and manifestations in my life.  I reside in God.  Thus Omni present all-knowing powerful (Spirit) self resides in me.  Let my outer demonstrate reflect the God in me.


I Decree, I AM That I AM.  I Declare, I reside in You GOD.

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‚ÄčBy Rev. Dr. Julia Melchoir