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A Ministry for WOMEN to enlighten and share their interest to empower each other to the path of success. 

You are rewarded by the truth within yourself, that which you stand for will announce itself in your life and demonstrate as your truth it will give you exactly what you are entitled to receive.

Become an eagle and don't be afraid to fly high.

It is not your destiny that determines your flight but it's the height that you go to.


Success Is Your Divine Heritage

You were born to be rich!  The Universe that created you provides for you abundantly.

Grow in the awareness...Declare your words as the truth within say to your real self.

My success is BIG, POWERFUL, & IRRESISTIBLE.  Nothing succeeds like me.  

I now grow from success to greater success.

I accept my Divine Heritage.



What your mind conceives, Your will achieve.

Walk, talk and act like a health, happy MILLIONAIRE

Imagine yourself _____ $1,000,000.00 every year

Make prosperous thinking a part of your life.

Make success a daily habit.

A Millionaire are invited, join this club and enjoy the ride to the sky.

If you are an eagle you are not afraid to fly high. 

Millionaire's Empowerment Chapter