In Daily Life: 

  1. Take time to relax, reflect and meditate
  2. Speak well of yourself and others
  3. Look for the positive in all circumstances.
  4. Keep in good company.

  • You are responsible for your own thoughts, feelings and behavior.
  • Thoughts have great power.  You create your feelings and experiences by the thoughts you choose to think.
  • You have the ability to actively guide your thoughts in a positive way.
  • Frequent repetition of the same types of thoughts creates your beliefs and attitudes.
  • Thoughts are like seeds you plant in your mind.  The more you hold onto a particular thoughts the more power you  invest in it.
  • Positive thoughts are those of silence, love, peace and happiness.  They give us energy and strength.
  • ​Negative thoughts are those of doubt, aggression, worry, guilt, jealousy.  These thoughts rob us of power and strength and make us feel tired and drained.
  • What you believe comes true for you.
  • You can't control other people, situations or circumstances.  You can control what is going on inside you.
  • Your true nature is positive.  Negativity is just a result of false thinking.  You can change it if you choose to!.
  • Develop the habit of watching yourself.  Listen to what you are telling yourself.
  • It takes time to change and transform those old patterns of thinking.  Be patient with yourself. 

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Practicing Positive Thinking


The Power of Effective Thoughts

Think Positive 

If you think you are beaten

You are.

If you think you dare not 

You don't.

Success begins with your

own will....

It's all in you state 

of Mind.

Life's battles are not 

Always won

By those who are stronger

Or faster

​Sooner or later the person

who wins

Is the person who thinks

​He can!

Positive Thinking Seminar Topics

  1. Just "Simply" Do It.
  2. Take What you have and make it What you Want
  3. Self Awareness
  4. Right Relationships & Spiritual Relationship
  5. Recognizing the negativity within
  6. True Prosperity
  7. Transformation
  8. The Big Picture
  9. Fear Factor
  10. Thoughts of a Feather Flock together
  11. Thoughts are Things