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Fear Factor

Fear becomes your identity when you are divided against your divine self, or the self realization of your own heritage.  To discover the truth, you are born with and to express that which is your God given right.  The attributes within you becomes separated when you think the wrong thoughts.   Therefore, having the freedom to gain either the internal or material Kingdom will allow you to be beneficial or non-beneficial.

Personality of Fear Factor

Fear takes up a personality, having a mind of its own and operates from within to the without.  By giving its direction from a negative stand point that points its dirty finger to everything in our lives as doubt, lack and limitation, ill health, non-harmonious relationships, circumstances and situations becomes contaminated by this evil personality that gives you more and more disbelief in yourself.  This takes up your life and soon you understand that there are more blockages in your life than you can undertake.

Big Self

consist of Divine attributes
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Wisdom
  • Abundant
  • Happiness
  • Success

Little Self

consist of Divine attributes

  • Ego
  • Lust
  • Criticism
  • Covetous
  • Condemnation
  • Anger
  • Jealousy


  • Become Self-conscious
  • Speak to the Self
  • Learn the process to think
  • Expand your Divine Potential
  • What are your desires
  • Complete one Goal at a Time
  • "Praise the Self"


Practical Exercise

Identity of the Self

"To See the Self is to Know the Self"

Honoring the Self will allow you to know your Values and become a person of Honor!

Self-Respect / Self-Image

Steps to Gain for Self-Respect. 

As your Self?

  1. Discover within your being; self - respect
  2. What can you gain out of self-respect?
  3. How would the Pure Self function with Self-Respect?
  4. How would we strengthen the seed of practicing the values with Self-Respect.
  5. By working from within ourselves we Gain Self Respect.
  6. Practice the habit to others by givingthem Self-Respect.
  7.  Soul then becomes the Stable Force for self respect.

Love brings the balance for respect.  Self-respect allow us to grow in our own time.

What is self-respect?  How can we respect this Self?  We are respecting the True Self or Inner Self (which have all the attributes or values).  Can we see this Self?  Respect given to the True Self will soon reflect on the outer or Physical Self or as shown through others.

Self Respect will eliminate, fear, anger, confession, and many other negative thoughts.

Self Respect is something no one should be without.

Respectmeans nurturing,  Strength is based on the awareness that everyone has Values because everyone is an unique individual expression of God.  True Respect is the balance between strength and weakness, not advertising strength outrightly; but gently highlighting it by giving it a task.   

Self-Respect Begins  Within Yourself