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What Is Life?

Life is a Challenge --------Meet It

Life is a Gift ------------Accept It

Life is an Adventure ------Dare It

Life is Sorrow ---------- Overcome It

Life is a Tragedy -------- Face It

Life is a Duty -----------Perform It

Life is a Game --------- Play It

Life is a Mystery ------- Unfold It

Life is a Song --------- Sing It

Life is an Opportunity ---Take It

Life is a Promise ------- Complete It

Life is a Beauty -------- Praise It

Life is a Struggle -------Fight It

Life is a Goal ----------Achieve It

Life is a Puzzle ---------Solve It

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Life Changing Seeds of Thoughts

Think What To Think

You demonstrate success or failure to your habitual trend of thought e.g. (a peaceful or vengeful mind)is the Creator of everything.  The Creative power lies within it.  God is the Law and work hand in hand and brings the demonstration of our thought.  God and the Law are one.   Law is the balancing Force of our lives.  Our Desires Completes the action of all these factors.  Each consciousness (man) must stand on its own.   Merging itself with the infinite as consciousness changes everything else.

When you speak you put (into action) the planting of  your seed/thoughts.  Thoughts are things that take from when spoken these words becomes empowered, magnetized, quickened and creative.  Pure words when used have an intention of its destination e.g. it must travel to an address, which is done via the spirit to reach the Soul.  Therefore, they must be a connection between God and man, before the word can be spiritualized.  This will change the formless  or void words into substance.  This is a channel used to bring this demonstration into action or motion.  By Thinking the word it manifest depending on your intention or urgency for its fruition, your expectation of the word will determine the perfect outcome.

By learning "what to think" in a positive manner will improve the standards in daily living and bring about a consciousness for divine wealth.  Words are images held in mind and reflects through your conscious thinking which demonstrate in your life. (Ps 19-14)  Your spoken words will take form and becomes an image that will demonstrate according to your consciousness.

Training Individuals and Groups the technique on "How to Think What To Think" and the Art on "How to Maintain Positive Thoughts"