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Youth Education Division

After School - Independent Thinking Skilled Program

This program is designed for Children between the ages of 6 - 21 years.  Life Changing Seeds of Thoughts(LCSOT) is intended to add the Skill and Values of Revealing the truth from within each child to attain a higher dimension for themselves.  Each value of life is kept a secret until revealed from the within to the without LCSOT givesthe opportunity to allow every dream or desire to be fulfilled from an early age and growing with the understanding that every goal can be achieved because of their ambition to do so in Life.

Program Outline

What is Learned by this Method?

  1. To learn to "Think What to Think" independently
  2. To learn that each honorable Thought will bring its own fruit of Good.
  3. To have or Embrace Beneficial Thoughts about themselves and others
  4. To Demonstrate and Set their Goals for their highest Achievement.
  5. The learn the Method to think and pattern your thoughts daily.
  6. To discipline and have good morals, belief in themselves and principles of Life.
  7. To learn and form the habit of thinking in the future and not the past.

Statement of Self

I am what I Think and I allow myself to accept it; I am the greatest personI am Powerful and Creativeand I believe it.

Virtues of Self

Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Success, Prosperity, Happiness

Building Blocks to Life

  1. "Think What to Think"
  2. See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil
  3. Talk LESS and Listen MORE
  4. Constructive Thinking

Practical Steps to Enhance Your Life

Think daily on your goals - higher grade, succeed in your school work, ask yourself what your ultimate goal is?

Read Daily chapters of your favorite book - increase a chapter a day.

Chose Positive Friends

Look only at edifying programs to enhance your life. (Television)

Let your conversations be decent and good

Have good recreation - Sports ect...

Skill Methods By Role Playing

All children go through the impact of infiltration from each person in their lives, be it good or bad.  They become aware of it and stays in their consciousness and is used at the time when needed by learning to separate their own thoughts and know ones will benefit them.  The most gives them the tool to use at times.  When the non-beneficial thought or action is about to demonstrate around them.  Life Changing Seeds of Thoughts allows this important step to become a practical and real demonstration.

Definition of Role Playing

Separating their thoughts Non-Beneficial and Beneficial in a practical Demonstration.

Giving in a classroom - e.g. bulling, teasing or fighting at that moment what am I thinking, how should I respond to my class mate, am I angry should I respond by words, or by striking, do I seek advice, from my teacher, or peers.

Definition of Independent Thinking

Independent thinking then becomes your child or children only alliance to rely on in or at this time of need or defense to make a decision from with their own minds how to respond.  Can either save their lives or become fatal to theme, in our Society today most of our kids are not trained or know how to Channel their emotions, of Anger, resentment.  Life Changing Seeds of Thoughts gives mentoring and a skill to avoid these INCIDENTS from becoming a pattern in their lives.


In mentoring which also means fostering, allows a child or children to become familiar or acquainted with a specific type of Skill or Method to enhance their lives daily and defend themselves in positive way when the odds seem to be against them.  They will learn how to share with each other and find the security of equalize, therefore; a natural bond can be developed with each other of Love and allow their creativity to be manifested.

Independent Thinking Classes For:

  • Young Teenager Pregnancy (Women)

  • Out Reach and Family Shelters

  • Young Adult

  • Children After School Program

Motto to Say Daily:

What I committee myself to comes my first choice in LIFE.

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